Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Update

This post will be divided into several parts.

Part 1: Chuck's prognosis

Not very good. Vet says: no fractures, but his spine may have been twisted/herniated/terkeluar or something. Affected his spinal cord, so now he can't stand up, won't eat, won't drink, won't do anything except meow loudly and annoy the other patients in the animal ward.

So I looked it up: Spinal Trauma in Cats

Hmm. Corticosteroid injection? Done. Tapi kenapa Chuck still taknak makan sampai nak kena force feed? In the end dia kena stay kat ward until boleh makan sendiri. Then baru boleh bawak balik. In the meantime, I am forced to feed myself downgraded bread and peanut butter until my next paycheck. RM350 gone, for Chuck's sake. Itu pun belum habis treatment lagi tu, I am looking at roughly ~RM500 total for Chuck.

Conclusion: Chuck isn't looking good. My bank account is looking even worse.

Which brings me to...

Part 2: ~Financial Analysis~

I downloaded this cool app for my iPod called iXpenseIt. Bagus jugak app ni, setiap kali aku berbelanja aku akan enter dalam app ni supaya boleh keep track of my expenses. And yes, expenses untuk beli iPod dan segala lagu, apps etc yang aku download pun aku enter sekali. Yang sedihnya, bulan ni punya budget sampai dah -ve! Maknanya aku dah cecah tahap bankrupt, w/pun dalam bank account ada la sikit duit. Cukup makan sampai gaji, tapi tak cukup kalau Chuck punya vet bills sampai ke tahap ~RM 500 tu. Hurm, what do I do what do I do. Takkan la nak mintak duit mak pulak, aku ni dah beso tagun.

Ah, malas la nak pikir. Kalau takde duit makan je la roti kosong, gaji pun tinggal berapa hari lagi je nak masuk. I need something to distract me...

Part 3: Adam


Part 3: Some 'street fair', I don't even know

I went to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair in Times Square with my lovely not-sister Kak Munira. My thoughts:

  • Yes, the registration counter was supposed to open at 10. But who in the everloving world would actually open the counter at 10am on the dot, when people had already started arriving and standing in front of your frickin' counter? Who does that? See, when people have to register for something, open the counter earlier so that the early birds can register, go off and do their own thing, then come back when the event starts. That way, it won't congest the registration queue, and your staff won't be all kelam-kabut trying to ease the backlog that will inevitably happen. Well played, nuffnang, well played.
  • Somehow it struck me that the event staffers were ill-prepared to handle an event with ~800 people. Dunno, maybe it's just me. But I did hear some ~complaints from the other attendees about this.
  • Shit, f***, stop trying to spray your stinky 'deodorant' in my face, beeyotch! I don't want to walk out of Times Square smelling like cheap men's cologne okay!
  • Borders Borders Borders yay! Books Books Books Books Books hehehehehe
  • Lily stop it. You are broke.
  • Oh yeah.
  • Krispy Kreme is way over-hyped. Sikitnya choice of donuts. However, the donuts are delish, and the cream filling are abundant and overflowing.
  • Saw feather boas in several lingerie shops. People here wear those things? They made me giggle though, cos Adam wears them. 

Mega conclusion from today's post: Chuck is sick, Lily is broke, Adam is fabulous, and Gatsby stinks. The end.


unlisted_one said...

what? u are not suppose to say that about the gathering la wei.

I think the registration have to start @ 10am to give more time for the game booth to get ready.

At least, we have fun on the games kan?

They have to spray us lah, its part of the promotion. Don't la say it stinks, those poor girls is only doing their job maa..hehe

2) Hope Chuck will be ok. Force feed is not good babe. It is an indication that the cat doesn't want to eat which can bring to fatality. Been there. Its a torture for me to see my late Labqi suffered on his last day. But Chuck is different, I am sure the doctor can fix it, just give it some time and if the cost is too high, you can send him to UPM, I think it will be much cheaper there.

Lily said...

hehehe saya tak affiliated dgn nuffnang

sy dah look up UPM punya clinic, ada yg kata ok ada yg kata tak ok

unlisted_one said...

Owh,..Adam is so fine, wish he is straight.

ajjah said...

betul2.. kk's donuts are delish, tapi limited betul choice nya..