Friday, April 02, 2010


I started this blog in 2005.

Posted once, forgot about it and didn't return till 2010.

Let's see...

5 years ago:
I was 23.
I was still working in Ipoh.
I was still living with my parents.
I had a mad crush on a guy who barely noticed me.
I was friends with, or rather, thought I was friends with a lady who passed away late last year at the too-young age of 29. Never got to make amends with her. Never even knew she was gone until recently.
I started to realize that being different is not a good thing, when you're stuck with a bunch of ass-backwards makciks.

I am 28.
I am living on my own. Well, with 2 super destructive, noisy, unneutered male cats.
I am beyond having crushes. I legit think there is a heart shaped stone in my chest.
I have realized who my true friends are.
Being different is a good thing if your name is Stefani Germanotta. Me, I'm a normal person. Just different from the ass-backwards makciks.

Gif for your enjoyment:

Edit: Ntah naper gif di atas tak bergerak. Ah, biar. Tengok je la Lady Gaga about to be fierce.

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