Friday, April 16, 2010

Cat in the window, cat on the ground

This is my cat, Chuck.

He was named after Chuck Bass. Yeah.

He is black, noisy, scaredy (cat), virile (as in unneutered lol) and mildly retarded.

He pees everywhere.

This is not Chuck, though I wish it was. Takde gambar Chuck tengah kencing okay

He is somewhat lacking in natural cat instincts. For instance, it just doesn't occur to him that not burying his shit after berak may get him killed in the real world. Cats bury their shit so that their enemies can't find them by the shitty smell.

(no, I'm not gonna post an image of cat shit here. That's gross.)

It also never occurred to him that it's kind of a long way down from the 4th floor window to the ground.

So today, he took the big leap.

Unfortunately, Chuck terjun terus ke bawah.

Are you tired of life, Chuck? Does the presence of your gay brother, Patrick, offend you? Am I a bad cat mommy? Or were you just distracted by the pretty, delicious-looking birds chirping outside the window?

Probably just the birds. Pat's not gay, just sexually confused. If he's gay I will rename him Adam. I haven't been the best cat mommy I know, but your expenses cost a bomb you know! And now, your vet bills OMG! My ATM card is crying!

Oh my noisy, suicidal, retarded cat
You hurt my ears, and now you hurt my pocket

Still, you and Pat are my babies. Get well soon, Pat misses you. It's kinda quiet when you're not around.


unlisted_one said...

Send him to the vet is it? Good. Now please change the top glass window to the bottom one. Thank you.

P/s : Hope the little feline will get well soon.

Lily said...

my window
oh my accursed window

ajjah said...

where is he now lily?

Lily said...

dah masuk wad kat animal clinic