Friday, May 21, 2010

Yet another music post

Disebabkan aku biasa dok depan laptop je dan layan lagu, ini je la benda aku boleh tulis dlm blog ok. Either that, or watch me ramble about my cats. Deal with it.

Anyway, I've been getting a lot of new music lately. Semua lagu di bawah telah direkemenkan oleh my fellow Adam Lambert fans.

No. 1: Florence + The Machine - lagu dia sangatla best

No. 2: Marina & The Diamonds - her voice is so weird and awesome

No. 3: Goldfrapp - ni Adam sendiri yang rekemen

No. 4: Nikka Costa - my current ear candy + the female version of Adam

No. 5: Jeff Buckley - suara dia macam Adam

I've also been listening to a lot of Radiohead lately, but they're not new to me. I guess because Radiohead songs are not the happiest songs in the world, my listening to them reflects my current mental state, yes? Haha. Ain't nuthin' like Radiohead to pile on even more blues on what you already have.

that last sentence is grammatically incorrect yet I can't find the mistake and it's bugging me! It's the two 'on's! Gaahhh 


unlisted_one said...

go on and correct ur sentence usual..haha

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