Saturday, June 19, 2010


Kak Munira punya latest entry inspired this.

Let's see now.

Humans falling in love with vampires - how original is this idea? Was Stephenie Meyer the first author to think of it?

Charlaine Harris started writing the Dead Until Dark series in 2001. The series was subsequently adapted to the TV show 'True Blood'. In this series, Sookie Stackhouse falls in love with a vampire.

Let's go even further back - L.J. Smith published The Vampire Diaries in 1991. The protagonist, Elena Gilbert is torn between two vampire brothers.

Stephenie Meyer published Twilight in 2005. I AM ASTOUNDED BY HER ORIGINALITY.

From Tumblr:

"Twilight is a four-part book series about a girl struggling to decide between beastiality and necrophilism"


Nia said...

oii,..dtg keje tak nak, buat ni ko rajin ye!

Lily said...

This post doesn't require leaving the comforts of my home and the noise of my cats